Tuesday 5 February 2013

Recent Updates #5

Some of the things I have been working on over the past few weeks.

Planetary Rings

Finished creating the planetary ring graphics for planets. The rings are procedurally rendered so the gaps in the ring are not always in the same place. At the moment the rings use a similar colour to the sector background as I havn't yet found any decent colours to make them. (apart from white)

I tried placing smaller ice asteroids around the ring but it looked really bad, so removed them.

Apparently its possible (but incredibly rare) for there to be multiple rings with one larger than the other, so I added them also. Although I'm not sure if they will stay... I still have doubts that the style of the rings dont go with the rest of the game, so let me know what you think.

Planets can now be rendered in different sizes. This will be used as a visual indication for the maximum population they can support. I have also added another 3 planet types, Barren, Jungle and Carbon! so there are now 8 types in total.


The music player/jukebox interface is almost finished. With it you can select individual tracks to play and re-order the playlist. Custom music can also be added to the playlist, but needs to be done from outside the game.

Added data pack file support, which is just going to be used for the music. All other game data is easily accessible for modding.

Added random pitch variation support so repetitive sound effects dont sound too similar. From the data files you can specify how much the pitch can vary for that particular item/weapon etc.

Other Stuff
  • Wreckage can now be selected, targeted and salvaged by ships using a Salvager module.
  • Fixed collision detection for really fast projectiles and missiles, so they dont fly straight through their target.
  • Created slider widget for the user interface.
  • Cargohold interface screens.
  • Minor sound engine overhaul.
  • Changed the blog address to www.galaxial.com (old address still works but will redirect)

Planet & Colony Development

I dont tend to write many really extensive design documents when developing the game, but I have done for the planet and colony development system. It will certainly be a lot more in-depth than I had originally planned and will include:

  • Population growth
  • Food
  • Happiness
  • Commerce
  • Research
  • Planet bonuses
  • Trade & Strategic resources

It's all looking really good from the design documents (spreadsheets) and next I will be starting to implement it all, which should be fun!


  1. Yeahh Galaxial is going forward! Great job Stuart this year will be great for the 4x with the release of Stardrive and I hope Galaxial too :D
    Otherwise the planets with two rings is very strange in the astronomy I think, the gravity forces dont permit two rings in a single planet...maybe the rings are in a different orbits but is rare.
    The trade with freighter ships can be fun, you can camp an strategic gate of you enemy killing his freighter ships and you force him to attack you :D

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