Friday 24 August 2012

Planets & Colonies

I havn't had much new stuff to post about recently so here's some information about colonies, facilities and the different planet types.


Each colony starts with a single space to build a facility but can be upgraded to 6 in total. Multiple facilities of the same type increase their efficiency so its best to specialise each colony according to its planet bonus. These are the facilities that you can currently build:

I could possibly add other types of facility in the future for population, food, trade etc. but for now I would like to keep it fairly simple.

Below is the interface screen for upgrading the colony and building new facilities.

Planet Types

Each of the different planet types will provide a certain bonus to the colony facilities built there.  

Bonuses stack with the facilities you build, so for example 6 shipyards built at a desert colony will construct ships at 450% the normal speed. Some bonuses may need to change slightly if I find them to be too powerful.

+50% Ship Supply

+50% Ship Construction Speed

+50% Ore Refinery Processing Speed
+50% Ore Refinery Capacity

+50% Research Points

Not colonisable

Not colonisable

The lava and gas planet types which you cant colonise have more valuable asteroid fields and generally be a dangerous place as pirate ships will often gather nearby.


  1. Very excited to play this, deserves way more attention.

  2. I agree! looking forward to it!

  3. I want this game!

  4. I really want to play this game, but please Stuart don't add a technology to jump from one solar system to other without connection... or add option to disable this xD I played games like this (the last was Endless Space) and this technology ruins the game for me :S I hope I can join to the beta if you release one... Im going to still looking at this project you are doing a great job.

    Greetings from Spain.

    1. The only way for ships to travel will be the stargates that link each solar system.

      I have considered jump drives for capital ships to travel large distances, but it probably wont be be added to the game.

    2. Thanks for your reply Stuart, I think capital ships are good only for fleet support and to destroy things like stations, and you can create a ship like a carrier for the smaller ships like fighters, to have a organized fleet and not all the system full of tiny ships when you are looking for a cruiser.
      Im glad to read the game engine can support a great ammount of solar systems but what about grat number of ships, cause I played a game called Distant Worlds and is a great 4x but when the game is full of ships it drop the framerate or anything and the zoom in-out is affected too. What can you tell me? Sorry if I am a pain in the ass and for my english but Im really interested.

      -Close communication
      -Where Captain?
      -Just press the button!

    3. The engine can handle many thousands of ships in total per game at a decent framerate although you generally wont see more than a few hundred on the screen at once.

      Some more information about the performance when theres lots of ships fighting on this older blog post:

    4. Very interesting, you are doing a great job I can't wait for the next blog entry.

    5. Just a personal opinion but I like the idea of connections between planets. It simplifies military strategy a lot and I just need to worry about keeping fleets at strategic choke points.

      I think that it is a bit overwhelming and time consuming when you have a huge empire and enemy fleets keep spawning at your borders.

      Endless Space is a great game (the best after MOO2 imo) and it alleviates this issue a lot with some nice automation mechanisms.

    6. Oh! Sorry... On my last post i was thinking about Distant Worlds and wrote Endless Space.

  5. You should consider using different shapes for your resources icons. This makes it much more distinguishable at a glance and also assists with colorblind players.

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