Friday 24 August 2012

Planets & Colonies

I havn't had much new stuff to post about recently so here's some information about colonies, facilities and the different planet types.


Each colony starts with a single space to build a facility but can be upgraded to 6 in total. Multiple facilities of the same type increase their efficiency so its best to specialise each colony according to its planet bonus. These are the facilities that you can currently build:

I could possibly add other types of facility in the future for population, food, trade etc. but for now I would like to keep it fairly simple.

Below is the interface screen for upgrading the colony and building new facilities.

Planet Types

Each of the different planet types will provide a certain bonus to the colony facilities built there.  

Bonuses stack with the facilities you build, so for example 6 shipyards built at a desert colony will construct ships at 450% the normal speed. Some bonuses may need to change slightly if I find them to be too powerful.

+50% Ship Supply

+50% Ship Construction Speed

+50% Ore Refinery Processing Speed
+50% Ore Refinery Capacity

+50% Research Points

Not colonisable

Not colonisable

The lava and gas planet types which you cant colonise have more valuable asteroid fields and generally be a dangerous place as pirate ships will often gather nearby.