Saturday 24 March 2012

Projectile Weapons

New battle video and some screenshots!

This video shows some of the new projectile based weapons including flak cannons which can damage multiple targets in a short radius. Unlike beam weapons, projectile weapons are not guaranteed to hit the target if they are moving too fast or erratic.

Shield Restore Modules

The green beams seen in the video and screenshots are shield assist modules that restore shield hitpoints for a friendly target, still need to think of names for these. There will also be similar modules that repair the hull for a friendly target.


  1. Hey Stuart im a recent follower and a fan of your work ^-^ i just wanted to ask a couple of questions.

    1. This seems very similar to Space Pirates And Aliens. ie I meant the map. Here is my question - why not make your galaxy procedural generated? that way your game would be extremely unique.

    2. How many classes of ships will you have? (ie, from small drones to lets say Dreadnought class ships. Like in eve online.) having a large number of ships in game will make people want to accomplish to get the best ship in game. same as in eve online most people want to fly a titan or super so something to think about :)

    3. This is relating to question 1. if its not in anyway possible to make a procedural generated galaxy/universe is there a way to make the galaxy bigger or smaller to your liking. for example in space pirates and aliens you could use an adjuster in game to see how many solar systems you wanted in the galaxy like do you want 100 systems or 300.

    That's all i can think of for now if you could reply as soon as possible that would be great i love to see some more demo vids with the game soon.

    1. The galaxy is procedurally generated when you start a new game, however it wont continue to get bigger as you explore (like minecraft)

      You can adjust various parameters for the number of stars, planets, resources, stargate links, size, shape, colour, etc...

      Combat will be fairly similar to EVE and the different ship classes currently are (from smallest to largest):

      fighter, frigate, destroyer, cruiser, siege cruiser, support cruiser, miner, battlecruiser, battleship, coloniser, carrier, dreadnaught.

      The largest ships will need a lot of resources and take some time to build.

  2. Just discovered this game thanks to an article written at and it looks awesome based solely on this video it is certainly on my radar now.

    Going to dig through this blog at lunch to learn more.

    1. Thanks for the link, wasnt aware of the article. :)

  3. I heard of this game through the swedish game magazine FragZone or FZ ( and it does seem awesome! As I'm currently playing sins of a solar empire I just can't wait for this game as it seems to have a much grander scale than sins.

    I do have a question though; you've previously said that you can't give us an estimate for when this piece of awesomeness will be released. But are we talking mere months or decades or perhaps a few years? Very excited about this game!

    1. Thats great!

      The aim is get a beta version (pre-order) released sometime this year, 4-6 months is my very rough estimate although could take quite a bit longer...

      The main release should follow shortly after the beta.

    2. That's epic! Thanks for the response! :)